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As of 2pm CST, NobleWares will be undergoing maintenance on our cart system. We apologize for the inconvenience, but our cart will not be accessible until next week. We anticipate being up and running completely by Feb. 22nd. If you would like to place an order before then, please contact us at 818-927-3748 or email us to coordinate purchases though our other secure methods while our cart is down. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

NobleWares YouTube Channel

NobleWares YouTube Channel

We are pleased to announce that we have an official NobleWares YouTube Channel!

The channel initially started with some quick test videos for some US Civil War pieces late last year. Since then, we here at NobleWares have been expanding with more videos. The goal of the channel is to provide better representations of products that don’t seem to shine as well from our still product photography. It is important for us to best represent a product to a potential customer; which is difficult to do through a tiny computer screen. We want you to feel as if you have picked up the item with your own virtual hands and enjoy all the intricate details many of our products have to offer. We also simply want to showcase some of our favorite items for sale as well as have some fun.

To give an idea of where our channel is headed, our current favorites videos include the Marto 370 God of Fire Katana and the entertaining How-To assemble the Sword Antler Stand (featuring a cameo from Wesley, the newest member of the NobleWares family).

Please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel here: and let us know what you think of the new videos. All viewer feedback and comments are greatly appreciated!


Irish Bodhran frame drums now available at NobleWares

Bridget Bodhran Frame Drum
Bridget Bodhran Irish Frame Drum
NobleWares has recently teamed up with the boutique drum company Bridget Drums to offer professional, custom, hand made Bodhrans. These Irish/ Scottish Bodhran frame drums are beautifully hand crafted in Canada from world renown drum maker Bridget Drums.  Every single inch of these drums have been meticulously handcrafted using only the finest material, equipment, and incorporate the most important element when handcrafting the perfect instrument, pride in craftsmanship and care.

Although most common in Ireland, the bodhrán is a frame drum that has gained popularity throughout the Celtic music world, especially in Scotland, Cape Breton, North mainland Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. The bodhrán has Bridget Bodhran Tunable Tuneralso found application within the Celtic music of Galicia, often accompanying the gaita gallega (galician bagpipes). This multicultural frame drum is an excellent addition to any musicians toolset, as it is easy to pick-up and play with hand or stick, but intricate enough to challenge even the best drummer.

The handmade drum shell is made from multi layer hardwood and come with a removable straight bar. The outer edge of the shell is rounded with a bearing edge for rim playing, with aircraft grade coated metal tuning lugs. The goatskin head is hand finished and chemically treated, making them less susceptible to tear away, and never needs oiling or a break in period. The spine of the skin running in the centre of the drum to allow for a more uniform and deepBridget 1 Year Warranty sound that does not require tape to dampen excessive overtones. Each Bridget handcrafted drum sold is backed with a one year limited warranty

These tunable bodhrans (Irish Frame Drums) are currently in stock at and available in wide assortment of sizes and colors. Need some inspiration? Is this your first time reading the word Bodhran? Our favorite Bodhran Youtube Clips that are certain to inspire and inform! Check’em out

Bodhrans Irish Frame Drums

Upgraded shopping cart system and increased security

shopping cart

After months of hard work by our little NobleWares family, this week we’re happy to announce the launch of our shiny new shopping cart and checkout system. We’re very pleased with how it turned out and we hope you are too. You’ll find a cleaner, modern design, a streamlined buyer experience, and continued robust checkout security. 

Now when you add items to your shopping cart at, when you go to checkout you will notice very nice product images for each item, more prominent navigation buttons, and a flexible designed checkout process that forms to your browser size… even the tiniest browser window still look and function great.

Secure Checkout

At NobleWares, we have always taken customer security very seriously. NobleWares securityOur already SSL and PCI compliant secure cart is now even more secure with validated PCI DSS and PABP Compliant Services. We are on Visa’s Global Compliant Provider List and Mastercard’s SDP List. Cardholder data is managed using established data security and multiple encryption methods. So you can be confident that customer credit card and order information is very safe. Plus, we now accept more methods of payment, including American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover, Diner’s Club and UnionPay with plans to include Apple Pay, Android Pay, PayPal and more in the coming months!

With all these added features and enhancements, we hope we have made your purchasing experience even easier. Of course since this is new there might be unforeseen issues so please get in touch if you find anything not working. We spent a lot of time making sure there are no bugs in the new system, but a few may have slipped though, so please contact us if you experience any issues. Give the new shopping cart a try and let us know what you think about the new design, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to email us at

Sword of Sam in Hillywood “Let it Go” Parody

We often have our products used media productions, including TV shows, Movies, and Theater Productions. We recently worked with the wonderful Hillywood Show Productions and helped them in their need for props for their latest Lord of the Rings video parody. The Hillywood Let it Go parody video is centered around Samwise Gamgee and his sword from!

Sword of Sam Museum Collection
Sword of Sam Museum Collection available at

Check out their show. If you’re interested, also check out their extensive behind the scenes video for the parody! You can also get more details on the same limited edition Sam Sword used in the video here.

It’s always fun for us to see where our products end up. If you have a video or photos of your sword or other prop in action, send us a link!


Bring in the New Year with a BANG!

Tired of replicas that just sit on your wall? Check out our new selection of blank firing guns; a bang up way to accommodate all yer hoot’n an a’ halar’n needs while bringin in the new year!

While there, check out the rest of our renovated Old West section at, featuring a nice selection of quality  bowie knives, non-firing pistolsrifles, leather holsters, hangers, displays, stands, and other dazzlin’ new accessories sure to excite cowboys and cowgirls alike! So get yer blank firin’ fast draw and fire it wildly in the air like a crazy drunk cowboy in a wild west saloon. (just not in public).


Old West M1873 Nickle Finish 9mm Blank Firing replica revolver 38-161N


Old West Cowboy themed 4"x 6" Oval cast resin Picture Frame


Old West Railway Engine Oil Lamp 1516 made in India



Old West M1894 8mm Blank Firing replica Western Rifle 38-650


Cow Skull & Arrows 30 inch Corded Table Lamp NW1734


Double tier table top knife stand for large knives FX OMEX2


Steaming of a white Christmas?

We have cool, exciting new additions to our Steampunk section; full of remarkable products, ranging from gear-filled clocks, inventive blaster pistols and rifles, statues and decor, including an awesome dragon table (a favorite). This unique and fast growing pop culture has its foundations in inspired classic films like Walt Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the sea, George Pal’s The Time Machine, and many others. Check them all out in our movie section . Don’t just dream of adventure, get Steampunking NOW!

Colonel J Fizziwigs Steampunk Consolidator Blaster 8323 by Pacific Trading


Colonel J. Fizziwigs Steampunk Wall Clock 8508 by Pacific Trading


Colonel J Fizziwigs Steampunk The Liberator Blaster MK III 8322 by Pacific Trading Blaster 8320 by Pacific Trading


New Sale! Just in time for the Holidays

The Specialty section has just been revised with some great additions, most notably  a nice collection of angelic and religious figures. In celebration of these heavenly products and the most wonderful time of the year, we are offering these pieces on  a special Holiday Sale now through January. Happy Holidays!!

Cold Cast Stone Resin Angel Tabbris YT7463 Statues by YTC Summit,

Angel Tabbris

Cold Cast Stone Resin Angel Rampel 7462 Statues by YTC Summit,

Angel Rampel

Cold Cast Stone Resin Angel Yofiel & Jophiel 7461Statues by YTC Summit,

Angel Yofiel & Jophiel

Cold Cast Stone Resin Angel Michah 7458 Statues by YTC Summit,

Angel Michah

Cold Cast Bronze Resin Statue St. Michael Archangel 7367 by YTC Summit

St. Michael Archangel

Cold Cast Bronze CherubResin 5 min Cherub Sandtimer 7574 by YTC Summit

Cherub Sandtimer

Cold Cast Bronze Statue of the Nativity 7546 by Pacific Trading Co

Statue of the Nativity

Cold Cast Bronze Statue Jesus with Open Arms 7315 by Pacific Trading

Jesus with Open Arms