Sword of Sam in Hillywood “Let it Go” Parody

We often have our products used media productions, including TV shows, Movies, and Theater Productions. We recently worked with the wonderful Hillywood Show Productions and helped them in their need for props for their latest Lord of the Rings video parody. The Hillywood Let it Go parody video is centered around Samwise Gamgee and his sword from iLoveSwords.com!

Sword of Sam Museum Collection
Sword of Sam Museum Collection available at iLoveSwords.com

Check out their show. If you’re interested, also check out their extensive behind the scenes video for the parody! You can also get more details on the same limited edition Sam Sword used in the video here.

It’s always fun for us to see where our products end up. If you have a video or photos of your sword or other prop in action, send us a link!


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