Irish Bodhran frame drums now available at NobleWares

Bridget Bodhran Frame Drum
Bridget Bodhran Irish Frame Drum
NobleWares has recently teamed up with the boutique drum company Bridget Drums to offer professional, custom, hand made Bodhrans. These Irish/ Scottish Bodhran frame drums are beautifully hand crafted in Canada from world renown drum maker Bridget Drums.  Every single inch of these drums have been meticulously handcrafted using only the finest material, equipment, and incorporate the most important element when handcrafting the perfect instrument, pride in craftsmanship and care.

Although most common in Ireland, the bodhrán is a frame drum that has gained popularity throughout the Celtic music world, especially in Scotland, Cape Breton, North mainland Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. The bodhrán has Bridget Bodhran Tunable Tuneralso found application within the Celtic music of Galicia, often accompanying the gaita gallega (galician bagpipes). This multicultural frame drum is an excellent addition to any musicians toolset, as it is easy to pick-up and play with hand or stick, but intricate enough to challenge even the best drummer.

The handmade drum shell is made from multi layer hardwood and come with a removable straight bar. The outer edge of the shell is rounded with a bearing edge for rim playing, with aircraft grade coated metal tuning lugs. The goatskin head is hand finished and chemically treated, making them less susceptible to tear away, and never needs oiling or a break in period. The spine of the skin running in the centre of the drum to allow for a more uniform and deepBridget 1 Year Warranty sound that does not require tape to dampen excessive overtones. Each Bridget handcrafted drum sold is backed with a one year limited warranty

These tunable bodhrans (Irish Frame Drums) are currently in stock at and available in wide assortment of sizes and colors. Need some inspiration? Is this your first time reading the word Bodhran? Our favorite Bodhran Youtube Clips that are certain to inspire and inform! Check’em out

Bodhrans Irish Frame Drums

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  1. Hello. Lisa Camille here just heard read the word Bodhran drum. I love Imelda Mae alive. Proud and Humble just to name a few. I am interested in pricing. And how well this drum would do where I live. In Brookings Oregon at the Pacific Ocean. Just north of California.

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