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Features an LED night light,
superb detailing, cast in
bronze resin.

ATLAS BRONZED STATUE LED NIGHT LAMPImage of Atlas Bronzed Statue LED Night lamp 9312 by Pacific Giftwares 9312 Pacific Giftware
In Greek Mythology, Zeus condemned Atlas to stand at the western edge of the Earth and hold up the Sky on his shoulders. This sculpture is a beautiful rendering of that mythological moment . The figure is casted in high quality bronzed resin in a classic antiqued bronze patina finish. The frosted poly-glass globe on his shoulders is detailed with sun and zodiac symbols in gold, meaures approx 5 inches wide, and contains a LED bulb that warmly glows when connected with supplied power cable. The cold-cast bronze construction gives a very nice and realistic feel to the sculpture and adds substantial weight in compliment to its realtive size. The bottom of the base is lined with felt for the protection of your display surface. Deigned for indoor use only.


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Height:17 1/4"
Width: 7 3/4"
Depth: 6"
Material Cold Cast Bronzed Resin
Removable power cord
Felted under base
Weight: 4 lb 7.6 oz
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A mythological subject
Atlas, in Greek mythology, son of the Titan Iapetus and the Oceanid Clymene (or Asia) and brother of Prometheus (creator of humankind). In Homer’s Odyssey, Book I, Atlas seems to have been a marine creature who supported the pillars that held heaven and earth apart. These were thought to rest in the sea immediately beyond the most western horizon, but later the name of Atlas was transferred to a range of mountains in northwestern Africa. Atlas was subsequently represented as the king of that district, turned into a rocky mountain by the hero Perseus, who, to punish Atlas for his inhospitality, showed him the Gorgon’s head, the sight of which turned men to stone. According to Hesiod’s Theogony, Atlas was one of the Titans who took part in their war against Zeus, for which as a punishment he was condemned to hold aloft the heavens. In many works of art he was represented as carrying the heavens (in Classical art from the 6th century bce) or the celestial globe (in Hellenistic and Roman art).
Ref: Encyclopedia Britannica

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