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Our Price: $34.90

A thoughtful gift for those
who; deeply think, re-think,
over-think, under-think, or
never think at all...

BRONZE THINKER STATUEImage of Thinker Bookend Bronzed Statue 8083 by YTC Summit 8083 Summit Collection
This item is based on the original sculpture by Auguste Rodin and will be easily recognized by guests. The sculpture is nude, as Rodin wanted a heroic figure in the tradition of Michelangelo to represent intellect as well as poetry. The figure is cast in high quality bronzed resin in a classic antiqued bronze patina finish. Although the original only included the stone seat that the figure is resting upon, we THINK that this particular version makes the perfect bookend! The cold-cast bronze construction gives a very nice and realistic feel to the sculpture and adds substantial weight in compliment to its relative size. The bottom of the base is lined with felt for the protection of any display surface.


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Length:4 1/4"
Width: 3 1/4"
Height: 7 3/4"
Material Cold Cast Bronze Resin
Based on Rodin's Thinker sculpture
Felted under base
Weight: 2.7 lbs
Designed for indoor use only.


Originally named The Poet (French: Le Po├Ęte), the Thinker was initially a figure in a large commission, begun in 1880, for a doorway surround called The Gates of Hell. Rodin based this on The Divine Comedy of Dante, and most of the many figures in the work represented the main characters in the epic poem. The sculpture is nude, as Rodin wanted a heroic figure in the tradition of Michelangelo, to represent intellect as well as poetry. This detail from the Gates of Hell was first named The Thinker by foundry workers, who noted its similarity to Michelangelo's statue of Lorenzo de Medici called "Il Penseroso" (The Thinker).

  Note As we view this classic piece, the thought occurs to us; Why are we offering a modern era French Sculptor's work mixed within our web store section categorized as early Roman themed gifts? Well, in short, we don't really know... we are still thinking on that. ...?
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