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• Fully Functional Pole Arm
High Carbon Steel Blade
• Replicates Historic Design

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LOCHABER SCOTTISH POLE AXE Scottish Pole Axe Lochaber AH3510M by Deepeeka of India(AH3510M) by DEEPEEKA
A Lochaber Pole Axe is a Scottish pole weapon that looks quite similar to a bardiche or a voulge, although in reality, its function is more closely aligned with a halberd, as it has all the same features that make the halberd a truly devastating weapon.
The Lochaber axe is a type of halberd that was used almost exclusively in Scotland. The Lochaber axe is first recorded in 1501, as an "old Scottish battle axe of Lochaber fasoun". This 16th Century replica version is made by Deepeeka and is battle ready featuring a 20 inch hand forged carbon steel blade. It comes mounted, via two sockets, to a hardwood haft that measures 42 inches long.
This axe possesses a wide, cleaving head, similar to what one would expect to find a voulge. The flat edge of the axe lends crushing force to every blow, which helps drive the blade deeper when swung, while it also comes to a sharp point, ensuring that it can deliver a good thrust as well as a good hack. The back of the blade is equipped with the classic curved metal hook, while the back of the axes mount also features a mounted spike for penetrating armor
. The edges come factory dull but can be sharpened to ones own personal specifications.
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Overall Length: 53 1/4"
Blade Length: 20"
Blade: Carbon Steel
Edge: Factory Blunt (can be sharpened)
Blade Width: 9"
Blade Thickness: 2.7 mm
Haft Length: 42"
Haft Diameter: 1 1/4"
Haft: 1 piece Solid Hardwood
Weight: 5 lb 2 oz

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

full image of Gallowglass Sword AH3418 by Deepeeka

Because of different levels of highland society different men would carry different weapons. The poor man within society might carry something like a Lochaber Axe. The Axe is believed to have originated as a farm implement. Many speculate that it was a plow blade attached to a pole and used as a weapon. The axe came in a variety of sizes from around five feet up to fifteen feet in length. The length allows you to keep your enemy at a distance while the blade is used for hacking and slashing. The hook on the back is used against cavalry. As a cavalry man charges towards you, you can simply reach up and grab his clothing with the hook, drag him from the horse and finish him off. At the battle of Prestonpans in 1745, the MacGregors used this weapon in a specific manner. As the British Cavalry charged across the field the MacGregors grasped the very end of the Lochaber Axe and began swinging them around their heads in a reaping motion.They were looking to cut the legs off the horses. If you cut the legs off a horse the horse will drop to the ground, and the rider becomes much easier to deal with. The Lochaber is a very simple weapon, but very effective when used correctly.


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