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  IP006 Legacy Arms
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• Full Tang Construction
High Carbon Steel Blade

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WOOD HANDLE SCOTTISH SGIAN DUBH Wood Handle Sgian Dubh IP006 by Legacy Arms(IP006) by Legacy Arms
This Legacy Arms version is based on the stories and theories surrounding the knife's origin and the meaning of "Dubh" in Gaelic. The name comes from the Gaelic meaning "black knife", where "black" may refer to the usual colour of the handle of the knife. It is also suggested that "black" means secret, or hidden, as in the word blackmail. Legacy Arms has made one that is simple in design and fits perfectly in your hose (or sock). The single edge 3" dagger style blade is equipped with a nice line of serrations along its spine. The 5160 carbon steel blade comes factory dull for safe use, yet can be sharpened for a fully functional piece of scottish weaponry. The handle is made from an Iron Wood and features a tempered blade with a full tang peened at the top of the handle. One side of wood handle is shapen for a sure and pleasant grip in the hand, while a secure rest upon a table for the other. A wood sheath wrapped in leather is included.
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Overall: 6 1/8"
Blade Length: 3"
Steel: 5160 High Carbon Spring Steel
Blade Thickness: 2.6"
Edge: Factory Dull (can be sharpened)
Handle: Dark Iron Wood w/ brass
Scabbard: Wood w/Leather Wrap

Weight: 0.3lbs
Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

 IP006 Wood Handle Sgian Dubh in sheath by Legacy Arms
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Legacy Arms leads the way in the affordable sword market creating tough, well made items for the Medieval Sword enthusiast. All blades are tempered 5160 steel with a robust apple-seed edge. The hilt construction is typically in steel (passing the magnet test) unless noted and the grips are leather over wood. The tangs are peened over the pommel. The fit and finish of these swords from Legacy Arms is quite impressive, and would be at twice the price!

  The Sgian Dubh (pronounced "skee(a)n doo") is a ceremonial dagger (Gaelic sgian) worn as part of the modern Scottish Highland dress along with the kilt. It is worn tucked into the hose with only the pommel visible.
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