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  AH3255 Deepeeka
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• Wood Handle
Authentic Styling

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WOOD HANDLE SCOTTISH SGIAN DUBH Wood Handle Sgian Dubh AH3255 by Deepeeka(AH3255) by Deepeeka
This Deepeeka Scottish Sgian Dubh features a turned wood handle and measures 7 5/8 inches overall. The single edge 3 1/2" cabon steel dagger style blade is equipped with a deep fuller and a nice line of top serrations. The blade comes factory dull for safe use yet can be sharpened for a fully functional piece of scottish equipment. The nicely finished wood handle has been cored and fitted with a polished cast metal pommel plate at its butt end, while a plate guard protects at the hilt. The pommel butt is cast and details the Scottish Royal Crown in carved relief. This authentic styled Sgian Dubh comes with a leather covered wood acabbard adorned with nickel polished throat and tip. Made in India by Deepeeka.
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Overall: 7 5/8"
Blade Length: 3 1/2"
Steel: EN45 High Carbon Steel
Blade Thickness: 2.1"
Edge: Blunt (can be sharpened)
Handle: Wood w/cast metal accents
Grip Length: 3 3/8"
Weight: 3 oz
Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

Wood Handle Sgian Dubh in sheath AH3255 by Deepeeka
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The wearing of a dirk, although not necessary, is generally carried in the loop on the kilt, at the waist, made for the dirk. A sgian-dubh, (or small dagger) however, is carried in the right hand stocking on all occasions. There is little that students of highland dress agree on about the sgian dubh, even its spelling. It is seen as skein dubh, sgian dhub, skene du, skean dhu and skhian dubh, and doubtless others. Phonetically, it is pronounced skein or skeen doo. Over time, several legends have grown up about the sgian dubh. Like the dirk, the sgian dubh is never to be drawn for trivial or mundane purposes and must taste blood before it can be resheathed, even if the user must nick his own finger.

  Deepeeka: Spreading over 3 decades Deepeeka is a family owned business. They are the oldest Indian manufacturers and exporters of quality reenactment arms, armour and accessories. Deepeeka revives the ancient art of weaponry and brings you an exclusive collection of replica weapons, armour, and essential accessories of the bygone eras.
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