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List: $249.99

Our Price: $159.95

These Gladius Roman Series swords have mirror polished carbon steel blades, which are fully tempered, yet are primarily intended for use as highly collectible decorative pieces. Made in Toledo, Spain by Art Gladius, this Roman sword is sure to be a treasured part of your collection.

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JULIUS CAESAR SWORD Gold Julius Caesar Sword SG212 by Art Gladius of SpainSG212 by Art Gladius
This beautiful replica roman gladius has a fully tempered 440 steel blade that has been mirror polished; thus will not rust and requires minimal care. The blade comes factory dull and features a Golden Caesar Imperator Medallion that appears on both front and back of the blade, with Roman styled designs deeply etched down the blades center. The guard and pommel are Gold plated cast metal with ornate figures highlighted in relief. The pommel depicts a scene of the Roman God Jupiter protecting the Roman Camp, topped with a sculpted gold Imperial Eagle pommel button in grey tone. The handgrip is of stained wood with gold plated metal fitting. This richly detailed Decorative Model sword has its hilt inscribed with the letters "SPQR" which is an acronym of a Latin phrase, Senātus Populusque Rōmānus ("The Senate and People of Rome"). This exquisite collectors piece measures 31 inches in Overall Length.


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Overall Length: 31"
Blade Length: 23 1/2"
Blade Material: 440 Carbon Steel
Blade Edge: Factory Dull
Handle: Stained Wood & Cast Metal
Handle Length: 7 1/2"
Blade Width: 2 1/4"
Weight: 3lb. 8oz.

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

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full view image of Decorative SG212 Julius Caesar Roman Gladius Sword by Art Gladius

Julius Caesar and his Gladius
Julius Caesar had the personality to win over anyone to his way of thinking. He was a true leader, in that he led from the front, often at the head of his army as they went into battle. Nothing seemed to deter him in his single mindedness and push for success. It is said he had a method of inspiring his troops to give their all in any situation. As Rome fought against the Iberian Celts and their iron weapons, they gained so much respect for their short swords that they adopted the design as their own. The sword that eventually conquered most of the then-known world evolved from the Gladius Hispanicus - Spanish sword. Originally a stabbing weapon, the Gladius quickly became a cut-and-thrust sword, with a long sharp point and double edged blade - arguably the most recognizable and elegant of Roman sword types.

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