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add_to_cart.gif view_cart.gifModeled After the Holy Lance in Vienna, Austria said to have pierced the side of Christ


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HOLY LANCE "SPEAR OF DESTINY"Image of The Holy Lance - Spear of Destiny Replica AH4230 by Deepeeka AH4230 DEEPEEKA
at the Imperial Treasury, housed in Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria, rests The Holy Lance. Said to belong to a Roman soldier, Longinus, who pierced the side of Christ with a spear, this artifact has a colorful history and a legend of potential power. This spearhead is a recreation of the holy lance, found in Austria, its form mimicked in as great of detail as possible. It consists of an aged, old spear head that is forged in carbon steel. Silver wire wraps around the base and upper edge of the lance, while gold-hued brass shield wraps its center. The winged lance features an elliptical hole in the middle filled with a twisted iron nail – the "Holy Nail."


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Overall Length: 18 1/2"
Blade Width: 5 3/8"
Blade Edge: Sharpened Point
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Wrapped in Silver Wire w/ Brass Sleeve
Sleeve Engraved in Latin
Hilt: Cast metal antiqued Silver
Hand forged twisted iron
Spear Head Weight: 2 lbs

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

full view image of The Holy Lance - Spear of Destiny Replica AH4230 by Deepeeka

The Holy Lance makes for a great display and collectible, as well as a fantastic prop for use in dramatic performances that require piece that authentically resembles the real one.
spacer In the original, Emperor Charles IV in the 14th Century added the golden sleeve to the lance throat with the inscribed phrase "LANCEA* ET *CLAVUS DOMINI" ("Lance and nail of the Lord"). These components bind the lance and nail together and keep its form solid. The original artifact has something of a reputation, being known by many names (including the Lance of Longinus and the Spear of Destiny), and is sometimes rumored to possess mystical power.

Hasta is a Latin word meaning spear. Hastae were carried by early Roman Legionaries, in particular they were carried by and gave their name to those Roman soldiers known as Hastati. However, during Republican times, the hastati were re-armed with pila and gladii and the hasta was only retained by the triarii. As opposed to the pilum, verutum or lancea, the hasta was not thrown but used for thrusting. A hasta was about six and one-half feet (2 m) in length with a shaft generally made from ash, while the head was of iron.
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