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List Price: $590.00
Our Price: $429.90

Dimensions: 16"x9.5"x7.5"
Circumference: 26.5"
Weight: 6 lbs

This wearable helmet is an authentic replica of the head-armor worn by thousands of these Roman bodyguards defending the Roman royalty beginning with the Scipio family (around 275 BC) through the fourth century AD. CLICK IMAGE for DETAIL.

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PRAETORIAN ROMAN HELMETImage of AH6210 Praetorian Roman Helmet by Deepeeka (AH6210) by DEEPEEKA
This polished replica of the classic Roman Praetorian helmet offers solid construction with solid 18 gauge brass, a red horse hair plume, and a fully lined adjustable leather liner. KEY FEATURES: * Solid 18 gauge brass * Replicates an original * Perfect for the collector or reenactor
DIMENSIONS: 16" x 9.5" x 7.5" CIRCUMFERENCE: 26.5" WEIGHT: 6 lbs

The term Praetorian derived from the tent of the commanding general or praetor of a Roman army in the field—the praetorium. They were an elite recruitment of Roman citizens. It was a habit of many Roman generals to choose from the ranks a private force of soldiers to act as guards of the tent or the person. They consisted of both infantry and cavalry. In time, this cohort came to be known as the cohors praetoria, and various notable figures possessed one, including Julius Caesar, Mark Antony and Augustus (Octavian). As Caesar discovered with the Legio X Equestris, a powerful unit more dangerous than its fellow legions was desirable in the field. When Augustus became the first ruler of the Roman Empire in 27 BC, he decided such a formation was useful not only on the battlefield but in politics also. Thus, from the ranks of the legions throughout the provinces, Augustus recruited the Praetorian Guard.
Equipment and armour were similar to a Roman Legion with one notable exception — specially decorated breastplates, excellent for parades and state functions. Insignia of the "Moon and Stars" and the "Scorpion" were particularly associated with the Praetorians. Thus, each guardsman possessed two suits of armor, one for Roman duty and one for the field.


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