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Roman Contubernium

List Price: $4750.00
Our Price: $2,300.00

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ROMAN CONTUBERNIUM TENTImage of AH6412 Roman Trouper Leather Tent AH6412 Deepeeka
Leather tents of this type were known to be in use during the time of emporer Tragen. 18-53 AD. The Trajen colum in rome has clear impresions of tents similer to this. The authentic roman trooper leather tent model AH6412 made by Deepeeka is structured as a contubernium sized tent which are designed to accomadte eight soldiers.


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Size: 9'Lx 9'W x 7'H
Material: Brown Buffalo Leather Hide
Weight: 53 lbs (24kg)
Authentically patterned

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.


The tent measures approximately 9 feet x 9 feet with a height reaching 7 feet tall in the center. The legionairies had to look for a wooden understructure to support these tents; thus to remain historically correct, the manufacturer does not supply anything which would look like modern camping equipment. Historically accurate, the tent features leather panels properly sewn, constructed of period appropriate natural colour (brown) buffalo leather hide. Leather Contubernium Tent is a hugely popular tent with many reenactors. Total weight of our reenactment contubernium leather tent: 54 lbs.(24kg)

Note to tent shoppers: We have tried to keep our sales price as economical as possible for our customers, as we understand leather is much more costly than a similar sized tent made of canvas. Here is a thought worthey of consideration: This authentic leather tent is designed to accomodate 8 soldiers (a contubernium) . If divided among 8, that would translate to a puchase price of about $288 per soldier. Spend 2 days in the field and your tent investment closely resembles the average cost of 2 night stay at a hotel ($137 per person). But when the fun is over, you get to keep the tent and the next stays are FREE! Forever!

When the Roman legionairies were on their march to protect their country and to conquer new lands they and their mules carried all equipment including tents with them. The tents were made from insulated hides overlapping in a way that no rain drop would get inside the tent. The tents measured 9' x 9' x 7' for accomodation of 8 men and were called "contubernium". The groups of eight legionairies were also called contubernium. The legionairies had to aquire wood, often on location to build an suitable understructure for these tents.


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