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ROMAN LEGIONNAIRE'S CANTEENImage of AH3982C Roman Legionnaire's Canteen by Deepeeka AH3982C Deepeeka
The Roman Army traveled on foot. On the march, every legionary soldier carried his kit slung form a pole resting on his shoulder. Full kit water storage and transportation was crucial to maintain their mobility and thus ensure their survival. This 5 1/2" polished steel canteen was standard issue for Roman troops. It measures 9 1/2 inches when handle is extended and features brass stopper, trim and handle. The interior joints are sealed in bees wax. This Authentic Functional Reproduction weighs approximately 1.6 pounds.


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Extended Height: 9 1/2 inches
Diameter: 5 1/2 inches
Body Depth: 4"
Material: Polished Steel
Brass Stopper, spout & furniture
Interior sealed in bees wax
Weight: 1.6 lb

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.


The Roman Legion Canteen (Laguncula) was standard issue for Roman Legionnaires and Centurions during the Gallic War. A Roman soldier was very healthy! The men marched for 5-6 hours a day, covering about 18 miles before stopping to make camp for the night. Each man carried his weapons, helmet, shield, and essential survival supplies (including his canteen), slung over his shoulder on a wooden pole called a "furca"; which comes from a latin word meaning a "fork stick". The Romans know well what makes a good army a GREAT army is food in its belly and plenty of fluids to keep the soldiers hydrated.

Check out the really fun and informative youtube video made as a promotion for the awesome game title Total War Rome 2: Legionary. We really enjoy seeing so many of the products made available here at NobleWares being used in games and film productions!

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