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Presented to young Lucy by Father Christmas,
the magical dagger and vial set saves the lives of
brother Edmund and his wounded troupes after
their victorious battle against the evil the White Witch..

sold out

Emblems of Lucy's innocence and goodness, these authentic 1/6th scale replicas are modeled after the original Weta Workshop, Ltd. props. Die cast and injection molded, each piece is constructed with the quality and authenticity you've come to expect from Master Replicas
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Master ReplicasThe Prop Story : The youngest Pevensie, Lucy is a trusting, open child with an unshakable belief in the goodness of things. Her enthusiasm and innocent hope win over Mr. Cummus, making possible her family's entrance into Narnia - and beginning the end of the Hundred Year Winter. Whereas her older siblings are reluctant to dive headfirst into the magical world inside the wardrobe, Lucy is unafraid.

Lucy is also sensitive, perhaps magically so. She has the closest connection to Aslan, heeding his wisdom and understanding his sadness. It is Lucy who feels the most pain when he is called to make the ultimate sacrifice. Finally, though she is willing to fight, Lucy will be called upon to heal Edmund of his wounds with her magic vial, and very literally healing her once-fractured family.

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