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Similar to the "Great helm" this version provided protection as well as breathing comfort. A welcomed design while protecting pilgrims in desert passage to the Holy Lands.

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CRUSADER ARMOUR HELMNobleWares Image of Crusader Armour Helmet NW80685 Made in India NW80685 Made In INDIA
Combat Crusader Helmet with Chin strap is an excellent war accessory for use in stage performance. Worn through the 13th century, this 16 gauge helmet features a unique design with a broad metal plate on the face and a solid crown that covers the head completely. The metal plate of the crusader war helmet has a sieved design so as to make it more airy and easy to breathe. The combat crusader helmet is equipped with a chin strap and can be mounted on your table top or fixed to your castle wall, when not in use. This crusader war helmet is ideal for LARP, medieval battle reenactments, stage performances and theater shows.


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Measures: 15 inches tall , 8 inches wide

Material: 16 Gauge Steel
Weight: approx 3.85 lbs..

Please Note: Minor cosmetic imperfections are a natural characteristic of genuine hand made armour.

What Caused the Crusades?
The crusades, a war between Christians and Moslems, was centered around the city of Jerusalem. The city held a Holy significance to the Christian religion. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem commemorated the hill of crucifixion and the tomb of Christ's burial and was visited by Pilgrims. In 1065 Jerusalem was taken by the Turks and 3000 Christians were massacred starting a chain of events which contributed to the cause of the crusades. The Crusades started in 1095 when Pope Claremont preached the First Crusade at the Council of Claremont. The Pope's preaching led to thousands immediately affixing the cross to their garments - the name Crusade given to the Holy Wars came from old French word 'crois' meaning 'cross'. Crusaders both from Upper and Lower classes were inlisted to fight and this gave rise to the important knightly orders such as the Knights Templar, the Teutonic Knights and the Hospitallers. These orders of religious knights working from monastic rule were sworn to defend the holy land and pilgrims en route to Jerusalem.
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