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Drawn out into a conical point like a muzzle or a beak, this helm was given the names "hounskull" (from the German hundsgugel - "hound's hood") or "pig faced"

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MEDIEVAL "PIGFACE" BASCINET HELMETNobleWares Image of NW80613 Medieval Pigface Helmet made in India NW80613 Made In INDIA
This Medieval helmet replaces the "Great Helm" giving rise to the so called "Great Bascinet" helmet and was worn during the 13th and 14th centuries. The pointed top helped deflect blows and the adjustable aerated pig snout made for a comfortable fit. Fully articulated the visor opens and closes allowing both wearability and larger visibility when not engaged in battle. Highly authentic in design, this full sized wearable collector's piece measures 12”x 12”, and weighs approx 4.5 lbs. Constructed of heavy 18 gauge carbon steel, this Pigface Bascinet Helm is shipped to you pre-oiled for protection. Perfect for theatre, film, LARP or Medieval reenactment events.


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Measures: 12 inches tall, 12 inches long

Material: 18 Gauge Steel
Weight: approx 4.5 lbs.

Please Note: Minor cosmetic imperfections are a natural characteristic of genuine hand made armour.

  One Knight on horseback was worth 80 men on foot. This made knights the military of the middle ages. They inspired our idea of chivalry courtesy and manners. Well armed they feuded, they went to war as vassals of their feudal lords, and risked their lives in tournaments to win fame and honor. Every knight needed one set of armour for tournament and one for warfare. Each cost a fortune. Suits of armour had to be made to measure. There were over one hundred and fifty parts, such as gauntlets, breastplates, thigh plates, helmets, and from top to toe, each had to fit perfectly. Protecting oneself in battle has always been a concern for any soldier, and medieval knights were no exception. In fact, it was their protective armor that helped define them as a military unit and social class as armoring oneself during the Middle Ages was a great expense that only the wealthy could afford.
The Clip: The Order of the Boar is a Wellington (New Zealand) based medieval reenactment group. This video taken from the official Classic Fighters 2007 (airshow) DVD highlights the groups jousting display at the show. See their web site at:
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